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HEARTSTREAMS daily devotionals (Singles and Married)face%20in%20water


Prov 27:19

19 As in water the face is reflected as a face, so a person’s heart reflects the person.

Charles was back at the relationship program, he had anticipated it throughout that day, he left his work quite early and ensured he got a seat at the front this time, in no time the hall was filled up and he thanked his God that he had come early. The speaker came in and projected on the screen the picture of a heart.

“I am going to describe the way to understand the will of God or test the will of God as HEART. the heart of a man is really that man, when you want to marry someone, what you are getting married to is not their body, it is not their possession, it is their heart that you are connecting with, so you want to have a glimpse into their heart before you share that heart with them for the rest of their lives.


The first thing you want to know is their heart for God. Has this person given his or her heart to Christ, or the heart is with the devil. God will never give you someone whose heart is not with him. He will give only into your care only what has been placed in his care. That means the person must be genuinely born again for God to speak t him about him or her. If the person is not born again, check it is not God to spoke to you. You cannot force people t give their heart to Christ so that you can marry them, you are on a mountain moving mission, and except your faith can move mountain, don’t venture into it. Moreover God match make you with an unbeliever.

You also want to know if the person has an in going heart to heart connection with the God and he is constantly growing in love with him. If the person doesn’t Love God and is not in a thriving relationship with God, the person cannot Love you and cannot be in a thriving relationship with you. so don’t get carried away by superficial things, you know someone’s heart for God by the way they respond to the things of God, by the way they talk about the things of God and what they say about God. “since out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”

What does the person spend his time on, what is the first thing in the person’s, if it is not God then watch it. “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also”, if the person treasures God, the person’s heart will be spent on God”. if the person’s treasure is not God and his things, the person can never treasure you for the rest of your life, so be careful.

The person must also have a sensitive heart to know what God is saying, a humble heart to obey God and serve his people, the person’s heart For God is even more crucial than their heart for you. Once they have faith in God and a deep love for him you will have a stable relationship

This will help you to understand God’s choice for you, and help in how you relate with the person inside the relationship.


What I mean by ‘the quality of heart in them’ is their “Nature and temperaments”. people’s nature is what you will live with for the rest of their lives, they can rarely change this aspect of them. so you have to make sure that nature sooths your own nature. God will never give you some one whose quality of heart will not match yours. God has designed relationships to bring two people with almost different natures to achieve a common goal. Even the gender difference says it all, it is not normal for male and male to be married, one of them is unnecessary in that kind of union. It takes opposite of the same specie to attract and reproduce life. While you must have something in common, your nature will rarely be similar if you allow God to choose for you.

More often than not, tough hearted people are connected with soft hearted people to create balance in their lives; people with a quiet heart may have a loud person as a complement. The heart is where people’s personality is, so you want to know if their personality is complementary with yours. Many people keep having conflicts in their relationship because they choose someone whose heart doesn’t fit theirs. They choose not based on the quality of heart, but based on the quality of face.” God doesn’t look at the appearances (face), he looks at the heart”, if I were you, I will be like God and look at the heart too. The face can distract you form the heart, so watch it. So, if you are looking at faces, you may soon be defaced in a relationship.

God doesn’t necessarily choose someone with the exact same texture of heart with you. that you are a thinker doesn’t mean your wife is be a brainy and will be a thinker like you, she may be an emotional and more subjective person, you will notice she will create balance in your life. There will be times when you logic might put you into trouble it is the feelings of your wife that will recue you. Your own husband may be rough in his approach to things while you are very refined and organized in your thoughts, that is not a reason to complain, it is a reason to complement or to help him. It is possible for you to never have any serious conflict with someone whose quality of heart locks easily with yours. Even though both of you are different in personality from each other, you will still not have issues, because your hearts were made to help and sooth each other. Many choose people like them thinking that is the smart thing to do, but in their ignorance they make blunders. But when you allow God to choose for you, you will discover this is how God chooses for people, he connects people whose heart will match and fit each other lile lack and key. Even though lock and key do not have the same shape, but you never see them shout in each other, they quietly help each other and every door opens to lock and key

Charles couldn’t take his eyes off the man, his mind was working at the speed of light as he spoke, he was learning more than ever before. he was even more sure that he can never miss it when it comes to this marriage thing, the man continued, but we will continue tomorrow.




My heart is refined and my heart is renewed in Christ Jesus


Lord, Give me the sensitivity to the heart of people and especially the heart of my spouse in Jesus name


Check your own heart and take an inventory of it



Yours in LOVE



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