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1. Insecurity may be…real or imagined, it might be a personal issue or an incited issue, but whatever is the cause of this insecurity, one must admit its presence before it can be dealt with.

2. Many unsecured people often fight their spouse in a bid to save their relationship, here by losing what they are trying to save in the first place, so be careful

3. Entering into relationship without acknowledging the possible insecurities and hurts our spouse may be bringing in, will make one ill-equipped to love that person properly.

4. Insecurity is call to action, not a reason for contentions.

5. One of the ways you know mature people in a relationship, is their willingness to admit it when they are wrong and yet not lose their self-esteem in the process

6. For many…The problem is not who you are now, but what you can be in the future. You became who you are, you can become a better person…so stop feeling inadequate

7. Relationship is a growth place

8. “As many as believe he gave them power to become…” Power to ‘become’ the right person in that relationship comes from God, not from you.

9. Many people’s insecurity starts a long time before they entered into relationship,and it manifests within their relationship.

10. Insecurity is worse when we have had a personal history of heartbreak from past relationships that had an unfortunate or tragic ending.




Many people’s insecurity starts a long time before they entered into relationship, and it begins to manifest within the relationship

Rev 21:4
…There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” NKJV

For example: the observation of constant failures in different relationships in around people is enough to cause an unsecured state in the heart of most people. What we see in the news or hear from our neighbours are so unsettling that without revelational truth from the word of God, people will perish out of the fear of what they have heard.

If my parents were divorced for whatever reason, it’s almost natural that I will feel unsecured and wonder if I will have a stable marriage. Observations of family members and failure in society’s marriages can culture such viruses of insecurity.

If a girl sees how guys dumb girls, she may be inclined to start distrusting men generally, and even when her emotions compels her into a relationship with one, she still have a state of mind that is wondering, ‘will he not be like the other guys I had seen?’.

Insecurity is worse when we have had a personal history of heartbreak from past relationships that had an unfortunate or tragic ending. You can imagine the person will carry the scars of that experience and judge the next person in his or her life based on his or her past.
That is why one of the major things we do in a relationship is to create an environment where we help our spouses to heal from emotional scars from the past. Entering into relationship without acknowledging the possible insecurities and hurts our spouse may be bringing in, will make one ill-equipped to love that person properly.

If you are the one with this kind of insecurity then you must allow the word of God to heal you, you must spend time in God’s presence until you feel the healing balm of God’s anointing pour into your soul. But for now, you must realize that this insecurity is from your past, you must thus deal with it.

I want to address a certain kind of insecurity that exists not from the past of an individual but from the past of the relationship they are in presently. It is hard to not feel unsecured in a relationship when one of them has been unfaithful or has betrayed the other before in a recent past.

For example, one of the partners dumped the other for another during the course of the relationship, but eventually returned, if it was the guy that did that, the lady may need several re-assurances from the guy that it will never happen again, if not she will keep asking herself “is he not going to dump me like this sometime in the future?”

If the lady had an affair with another guy during the course of the relationship but the guy decides to forgive her, he would always wonder, “would she not repeat this act again in the future?’

Insecurity would always create such tension in people that it would be either hard for them to enjoy the relationship or stay in it. You can’t fulfil the purpose for which your relationship was ordained by God fearing that your spouse may not be faithful to you in the future.

My counsel for the unsecured person is this. Decide if you have forgiven the person totally or not. If you find yourself unable to forgive the other person completely then you aren’t really ready for the success of that relationship. If God didn’t start the relationship, I will advise you quit it. It won’t profit you or the person

But there are times when you think you have forgiven the person but you still feel fear, then you and the other person must discuss the issue and get a solid re-assurance from your partner, let them make their stance clear about their commitment to you and the integrity of that relationship, it will allay your fears.
For the person who was the culprit of the betrayal he or she has to go the extra mile to actually allay the hidden or obvious fears of his or her spouse. You have to keep re-assuring them of your commitment verbally, telling him or her how that whatever happened in the past will never repeat itself again. But words are not just enough, you must actually been seen to have changed your attitude and behaviour in that relationship, you must go the extra mile to now be transparent, and show your faithfulness to the other person.
If the behaviour that transpired in the past still has it signs or symptoms in any way, there is no way the other person will feel safe.. for example if it is the guy in the relationship who left the girl in the past for another girl, then he must cut off totally from the other ladies who can possibly even be likely source of insecurity to their spouse, he must make a conscious effort to not be seen to have any appearance of relationship with any lady for that matter, otherwise, it may trigger the past and the lady in relationship with him, and she will feel fear.

We must help each other to be secured in our relationships. Ask yourself, am I making my partner secured? How am I re-assuring him or her? Am I just doing my own thing and assuming he or she should know I love him, he or she shouldn’t be afraid, when you are actually doing everything to make them afraid of their future with you.

Lord, your will is established in my relationship in jesus name

Lord heal me and my spouse from any hurt, betrayal and hidden fears in jesus name

Find out if there is any insecurity in your spouse and re-assure them of your commitment through your words of affirmation and your decisive actions to prove your love to them

Psm 103: 1-5

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While insecurity can be rooted in one’s spouse and the situations surrounding one’s relationship. Many times insecurity is rooted in one’s self. It may be due to a couple of reasons. For instance, someone who lacks the skills necessary for a successful relationship may become keenly aware of their inadequacy that it becomes a cause of fear in their heart to running a successful relationship. They say to themselves…. “If I have so many weaknesses and flaws, how can I then have a successful relationship?”

Ps 51:5-6
5 Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, And in sin my mother conceived me. 6 Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, And in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom. NKJV

There are two groups of people in this category and each one of them will either cause insecurity in each other or will incite insecurity in others.

The over confidence and arrogant person who think they are so good and that they are not flawed. So when anything goes wrong, in their mind, it is always the other person that needs correction or growth. These people are pain in the neck in a relationship. One of the ways you know mature people in a relationship, is their willingness to admit it when they are wrong and yet not lose their self-esteem in the process, they know their growth is dependent in a constant development.

The other set of individuals that we are deliberating today are those who know they have flaws but they have allowed the realisation to incapacitate them. These other people are unsecured not because of their spouse, but because of themselves. What they see in themselves scare them and they wonder if anyone is safe in a relationship with them.
It’s like this
“I worry about others and my relationship because I worry about myself.”
I wonder,
“Will I be faithful to her? Will I be good enough to love her?”

These are the reasoning of an unsecured person
Someone told me,
“Sir I’m afraid, I don’t want to stop loving him, I am always wondering if I will change later towards him or not”.

This fear is rooted in self, lack of confidence in one’s ability and character. It is either due to the person not having matured enough and thus doesn’t have a tested character to handle the relationship or lack of insight into how to grow into what she desires, either ways it results in fear and anxiety over his or her performance in the future.
“I am an angry person; will I have a successful relationship?”
“I am an unfaithful person; will I not break his or her heart sooner or later?”
“I am careless in my speech; I don’t want to say the wrong things to hurt her”
“I am this and I am that…what should I do?”

Many times the real issue with the issues we have are the fears that they incite in us. The problem is not who you are now, but what you can be in the future. You became who you are, you can become a better person, and if you are willing to learn and grow you will be better. Relationship is a growth place, although you are aware of your faults and weaknesses but you know you will keep developing, you cannot permit fear to rob you of your relationship joy because you are still growing. You must operate by faith.

Every God ordained relationship must be operated by faith and not fear, you can’t work by sight or by just mere feelings, you can’t just be judging yourself by who you are now and what you are on the outside, you must look at yourself from the perspective of what God says about you. You must believe the best about yourself and keep improving form there.
God is with you; once you are willing to grow you should feel secured that all will be well.

You must know “he that has begun a good work in you is faithful and able to complete it’ You didn’t start yourself, so you won’t need to finish yourself.
You are not alone, God is with you.
It is he that works in you both to will and to do of his great pleasures.
God has a way of making all grace to abound towards you so that you can be equipped in all good works and lacking nothing in what you need for life and godliness,

It is only our confidence in God to keep us in our relationships, not our confidence in ourselves.
When you have confidence in him for yourself, then he will develop you and help you to become all that you ought to be.
“As many as believe he gave them power to become…”

Power to ‘become’ the right person in that relationship comes from God, not from you. You must look to him and not to yourself. So don’t rob yourself of the peace and joy of your relationship, just relax into his hands and let him take control of your life.


Lord I thank you because I am growing in you daily and grace is made available to me for a successful relationship with my spouse ijn

Lord, build me up to become the perfectly right person for my spouse ijn

Have a plan of growth and development with your spouse. Never stop growing

Psm 1: 1 to end

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A major unspoken plague in the relationship life of so many people is what we call Emotional Insecurity. It plagues both those in relationship and those who aren’t in relationship yet, both married and unmarried.

This insecurity is fear motivated and it creates doubts and questions about one’s place in a relationship

Am I good enough for him or her? Will she or he stay with me no matter what? What if others take him or her away from me?

Mark 4:40
40 But He said to them, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” NKJV

Insecurity can take any of the forms below…….

Real insecurity
Imagined insecurity
Personal insecurity
Incited insecurity

Insecurity is a mental state of not being secured, confident, peaceful or happy in a relationship. It’s a state of constant fear, anxiety, and worry about something about one’s relationship.
Most people are unsecured because of what they see as a potential threat in their spouse’s life and character as it related to their relationship, which will be a potential source of pain for them in the future.

The things they see pose a certain fear and anxiety in their hearts, what is supposed to make them feel loved makes them feel scared. They stop seeing their spouse as a source of joy but now a source of potential pain.
What they see might be real or imagined, it might be a personal issue or an incited issue, but whatever is the cause of this insecurity, one must admit its presence before it can be dealt with.

For example, If Gloria notices that her very handsome and rich fiancé is constantly getting unrestricted attention from others girls in a way that he is not even doing anything about it, It may not be his direct fault that others girls like him (and it may be), but it’s his responsibility to take a very clear stand on how he perceives these ladies who are trouping to him hereby causing his spouse to question her place in his life. He must re-assure her through his decisive actions and communication that he prioritizes her more than anyone in else in his life and that he will never allow anyone to stand between them.
The root of this type of insecurity is obviously the other person and it is therefore a VALID REASON to feel unsecured, it is not imagined insecurity, it is real. The only problem is how one then approaches such an issue in the relationship. Some will just simply lash out and get angry instead of pursue an amiable discussion with their spouse on the fears arising in their own heart about his disposition towards handling “oppositions” to her place in her relationship.

Many unsecured people often fight their spouse in a bid to save their relationship, here by losing what they are trying to save in the first place, so be careful, insecurity is call to action, not a reason for contentions. Anger is always a foolish response to situations, anger shows you lack wisdom, so hold you peace and get wisdom.

While insecurity may be caused by the disposition and character of one’s spouse, many times it is based on a prevailing situation in that relationship beyond one person’s control; and not caused by that person.

For example: Ade does not understand why Patricia her fiancée recently doesn’t have time for him, she has been busy with one thing or the other. Now she may have had a legitimate reason to be busy, maybe it’s because of the work nature at that time of the year or the pressures of pressing matters at that time, the situation can create insecurity in the guy who treasure the time spend with his spouse and he begins to wonder: “does this girl really loves me?”

There are three prong reasons why this insecurity may exist in this guy: First’ the situation beyond the lady’s control causes it. Secondly, the inability of the lady in concern to actually sincerely communicate herself and apologise to the guy that she knows what is happening and will get back to him immediately this season is over, lastly, the girl constantly remain oblivious of her lack of priority for her relationship
So we can see that insecurity can be caused by situations, lack of communication and even our actions or lack of it.

To deal with insecurity we must ask ourselves: Why do I feel unsecured in this relationship? What exactly am I afraid of? Why am I feeling so inadequate? Is it from me or my spouse, is it a temporary thing or it’s a continuous occurrence, is it lack of communication or wrong communication. Am I imaging things or they are actually real. When you know the root cause of your insecurity then you are on your way to finding a solution to it.

My heart is secured in you. My soul is at rest in you in Jesus name and my relationship is establish in your love and peace

Lord, I get to the root of my insecurities and help me to deal with them in Jesus name. Every fear tormenting me in my relationship , Lord uproot them in Jesus name

Like it was said earlier, prayerfully do a soul search and get to the root cause of the insecurity you are feeling in your relationship.

Psm 23:1-end

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It’s possible to have something that you don’t own, and if you don’t own it, it will never satisfy you or give you joy

John 4:16-18
16 Jesus said to her, “Go, call your husband, and come here.” 17 The woman answered and said, “I have no husband.” Jesus said to her, “You have well said, ‘I have no husband,’ 18 for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that you spoke truly.”NKJV

We met this Samaritan woman at a peculiar point in time where she came to satisfy her thirst with so called “living water”, it is interesting to note that the well is not just an ordinary well, it was the well of Jacob and both the Jews and the Samaritans (who are like mixed breed Jews) come there to take this ‘living water”.
In a short form, this water was supposed to improve their life or give them some certain type of satisfaction in a sort of super natural way, at least so it seems “because Jesus then said to her in John 4:13-15 Jesus answered,

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. “NIV

It thus appears that the aim of people drinking the water was more than quenching their natural thirst , it was to quench their soul thirst, to quench their emotional thirst permanently, they were looking for a kind of fulfillment and satisfaction but it seems, as far as we know it , at least with this woman, that satisfaction eludes her, she keeps coming over and over again , which was the reason why she wanted the ‘Living water” in the first place, so that she won’t have to come back again, but so far so good, she has torn because she was still unfulfilled.

So Jesus offered to give what she has always wanted or needed
But first Jesus asked her for a drink, she went berserk, why?
“You can’t give what you don’t have”,
Can you compare her with Rebekah in the Old Testament, whom a stranger asked to give her water, she didn’t just give the man water, and she watered all his camel! Wow! Talk about overflowing satisfaction in a woman’s soul! But this Samaritan woman was different, she was so thirsty she makes other people miserable with her thirst.

So Jesus decided since she doesn’t have what she is looking for, he will help her, but not without connecting it with her most pressing need…a husband.
She has to come with HER HUSBAND to get the living river…this was where I got the shock of my life.

Jesus told the woman to go and bring her husband meaning she has a husband
Then the woman claimed she doesn’t have a husband and Jesus said she is correct


Jesus then dropped the bomb shell,
You have a husband, in fact you have had husbands, but you have never had YOUR HUSBAND.

Then I noted what Jesus asked her to bring, not go and bring “A HUSBAND”, he said, go and bring “YOUR HUSBAND”
She told Jesus “truly I have a man who is filling the role of a husband right now, but really, he is not my husband
Lesson “you can have something and not own that thing”

The reason why you don’t own it is because it was never yours in the first place, it belongs to someone else, and if it belongs to someone else, it will never satisfy you, no matter how long you have it for


Amazing, Jesus actually confirmed what she said

Can you imagine that: She has had five men in her life, these man has served different roles.

They served her emotional needs, some served her sexual needs, others sorted her financial needs, some were good companions, others enhanced her social status, she may even have a child or two with some of them, five of them in total and she has one presently at home, yet she has never has HER OWN HUSBAND

Imagine you are the man presently in her house, you think you have a wife, you pay her bills and even sleep with her, you parade her as your wife, and you may have even been with her for five years or ten, and you overheard her conversation with this Jewish prophet “I have no husband” :your wife says, and she is correct, what a tragedy!


You can be dating someone that was never meant to be a part of your life
You can even fall in love with someone that is not supposed to be constructively a part of your destiny

You can permutate all manner of relationships, try to fit in people into your life, but if they are never meant to be yours, they will never fit in, they will never align, why? they were not designed to be yours and you were not designed to be theirs.

No wonder the woman was looking for “Living water” up and down, no wonder she was exchanging partners like sanitary pad, no wonder she was an unfulfilled woman, she was a disgruntled woman, she was a woman who hasn’t found her place. She hasn’t found her own place to be a woman.
we can argue this fact all we can, but the reality is this: there is a God ordained man or woman out there for you to marry at any specific point in time”, your discovery of that person is the foundation for a glorious relationship life and fulfilled destiny.

This revelation is new to me, but the lesson I had always known.

WHO ARE YOU WITH RIGHT NOW? Is she really yours? Is he really yours? You are constantly in a fight and disagreement; does that not tell you something? The fact that your plans and purpose never seem to align, does that not imply something somewhere is not right? She is spiritual, but is she yours? He is caring but is he yours? no matter how good someone is, if he is not yours, he will never be good enough for you.
Don’t look for a good wife or a good husband; look for your own husband, your own wife. Selah

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Conflicts are signs of deep seated issues in a relationship, the more internal issues there are in a relationship, the more potential for external conflicts exist and if people do not understand how to recognize and resolved silent brewing issues in their relationships, it may blow up in their faces as a thriving conflict.
Prov 26:20-22
20 Where there is no wood, the fire goes out; And where there is no talebearer, strife ceases. 21 As charcoal is to burning coals, and wood to fire, So is a contentious man to kindle strife. NKJV

What many school of thought is teaching in our churches and popular books are conflict resolutions, what am advocating is conflict prevention. And this is very possible
Prov 17:14
The beginning of strife is like releasing water;
Therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts.

The fact is that every conflict usually have a beginning, it is wisdom to identify such potential conflicts and nip them in the bud. when two people are in a conflict one or two of them are in foolishness. So we must choose the path of wisdom. There is nothing worthwhile to prove in a fight, if you don’t acquire wisdom to understand each other and the issue at hand, throw fist and shoot arrows of words all you can, it will only worsen problems , not resolve them.


The greatest source of conflict in any relationship is that God is not the initiator of that relationship. Once the two of you enter by your own calculations, then you are in for possible contentions. If you didn’t hear from God in your relationship you will experience serious conflicts in your relationship. Since both of you will never be secured in that relationship. Its only when God is in the picture for the two of you that all goes well. There are issues that might want to occur if you choose by God’s direction, but it won’t overwhelm the two of you. Unlike if you choose naturally, you will get into all manner of conflicts over trivial matters. One serious sign you may not be meant for each other or that you choose the wrong person is that you are both always fighting. Think about it.

If you find yourself always throwing a tantrum at the slightest provocation in your relationship, it is obvious you are not matured or wise enough. Immature people are like children who are so selfish and self-centered, they want what they want and they want it their own way at the expense of the other person. You may be in the right relationship but be a wrong person because you are just simply too underdeveloped emotionally and intelligently to place your priorities right. Immature person is controlled by his or her emotions instead of him to control his emotions and address the issue at hand practically. The solution to immaturity is growth. You must study the word of God until you understand how to respond to every situation of life. Immaturity is simply lack of wisdom, so get wisdom

You must understand this one well, you don’t have to fight or raise your voice or get angry with your spouse to communicate with the person. With patience and prayer you can communicate important things to them and the holy spirit will help them to see it.

Prov 17:1-2
Better is a dry morsel with quietness,
Than a house full of feasting* with strife.

If God expect us to be in strife he wouldn’t tell us to escape to the roof top than live with a contentious woman or man, the bible expects a quiet and conflict free home, not a war zone, so please ask for wisdom to have that kind of relationship and family. That anger can’t earn you anything good.

If it’s all about you and what you can get from the other person at any cost, the two of you will always be in a conflict. If you both prefer the other to yourself, there will never really be issues between the two of you. The bible is very clear on this matter.

Phil 2:3-4
3 Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. 4 Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. NKJV

You simply have to put the other person first before you; relationship thrives of self-sacrifice not self-centeredness. If both of you look out for each other, you won’t have to worry about your personal needs being met, it will be met

O Lord, I choose a conflict free marriage in Jesus name

Lord, I declare peace into my relationship and my marriage in Jesus name.

Sit down and evaluate the real reasons why conflicts has existed in your relationship in the past and pray about them to make sure they don’t repeat itself again

Prov 21:16-22

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There are already enough challenges in life for any two couples to now become a challenge to themselves; relationship should be a heaven where one is comforted from the challenges of life, not a hell where it increases.

1 Cor 12:12-13
12 For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ. NKJV

One of the major challenges of many of us singles is that we run relationship by other people’s experiences. We see our parents always in a fight and we believe it so normal and even expected, we see our friends in conflict almost all the times and we excuse it as a normal part of relationship.

I was talking to a friend some time ago who was trying to explain to me why his relationship is healthy, he said, “that they fight a lot in their relationship, and that any time they fight, they always settle it”: he was trying to let me know that the way he knows their relationship is healthy is the unending conflict that exist there.

In fact, there was a time when my sweet heart told someone that we rarely have arguments or active conflicts in our relationship and they were scared for her, they believed that it was pretense either on my part or on her part. What they did not realize was, we had made a very deliberate effort to ensure that ”potential conflicts do not become a fist fight or arguments”, we believe that every issue can be resolved with an expectation of peace. In fact most of the issues we had to resolve comes from outside the relationship not even within it, the only way this is possible is because ‘it takes two mature adults to run a conflict-free relationship”.

Bishop Oyedepo responded to a marriage counselor who was “cancelling” them, the man had told him and his spouse that there is no way they won’t step on each other’s toes in marriage”, then he answered him; ‘sir, if both of us are sitting in two different chairs, we will both have to be blind to step on each other’s toes’. In short he summarized, it takes two to fight, even if your spouse wants to bring up a conflict, wisdom demands that “ soft answer turneth away wrath”

Two people can’t air their opinion at the same time, so you must work towards peace at all times.

Many so called marriage counselors are actually :”cancel-lors”, who instead of instilling faith and confidence into couples for a successful marriage, scare them with the woes of their own personal marriage failures, so beware of them

Before we delve into “why conflicts happen” let me quickly address the issue of differences in nature and opinions of your mate further”

We have established: the differences in your relationship is not a curse, it’s a blessing, so stop letting the enemy deceive you

If you don’t want someone different from you then why don’t you marry yourself?
Let’s address how to eliminate conflict due to differences

1. we may disagree on an issue but we must look for a way to agree with each other. “things serve us we don’t serve things”, our relationship is more important than the issue at hand and our relationship must remain our priority. For example, no matter what issue we have with money, never compromise your relationship for disagreement over money, chose to agree with your spouse, sometimes you have to even let go of your personal preferences in this. This requires discipline and selfless ness

2. we are free to express differences in opinion and we must both understand that our differences are working together for our betterment so we must find a way to use your strength for the others weakness. Note that if both of you are the same in every way, then one of you is irrelevant in the relationship. SELAH.
So don’t marry him or her because you have a lot of things in common, marry him because God choose him for you

3. Differences doesn’t mean enmity, it means complementary. Differences thus is the reason why we are asked to work towards unity

4. Every issue in discuss has the best middle ground, look for it and both of you choose to compromise to stay there

5. it’s healthy to have a yardstick to judge every situation, so that both of you can be objective


a. it is not just about you it is about the two of you so you must always consider the other person as well as yourself or even more than yourself, the bible says ‘ we should prefer others to ourselves’ this is love.. if both of you consider the other better than yourselves, you will experience such joy and smoothness that you won’t believe it.

b. it is not just about the present moment, it is about the future, so make decisions that will be better in the long run for the two of you

c. many times, it is not about any of you, it’s about God’s will in that situation. So both of you must submit to what God is saying after you have prayed to know his will.

d. your relationship is always priority, any decision you want to make must better the relationship, not just you in person

e. if it is more important for the other person then you might have to let go. If the other person is happy then you will be happy in the long wrong

f. your decisions must serve the God given vision of your marriage or relationship, not just personal wants, if you don’t have a God given vision for your relationship then you will lack direction in making proper decisions.
We will continue tomorrow

Lord I receive wisdom to maintain peace in all my relationships, especially with my spouse

Lord help me to prefer my spouse to myself and kill every selfishness in me in Jesus name

Do the above suggestions

I cor 12; 12-26

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What you expect as normal in your relationship becomes the norm you will experience in your relationship. If you expect conflict that’s what you get if you expect peace that’s what you will get.

Rom 12:18
18 If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. NKJV

Many of us have been indoctrinated with the ‘normal conflict principle’ in relationships, we have been told to expect conflicts, to prepare for conflicts and when there are no conflicts, you even create one…yes! Some people are so scared of lack of conflict that they will intentionally create conflict in their relationships in a bid to test their spouse or to prove to themselves that their relationship is healthy.

It’s amazing, can you imagine someone poisoning her child just to prove that her baby is healthy. I thought the sign that the baby is healthy is that he is not sick. But many people believe that if you want to know how healthy a person is, then inject them with a disease causing entity as to see how they react to it.

But is conflict normal in relationships?

What are conflicts?

Three dictionary definitions

-Friction or opposition resulting from actual or perceived differences or incompatibility

-A situation where it is difficult for two things to exist together at the same time or for two things to be true at the same time

-The feeling of nervousness, anxiety or unhappiness because two people want two different things at the same time.

The root of conflict is that we are two unique entities that may possess differences in beliefs, and expectations. We may differ in the way we respond to things and the way we relate with each other. So therefore there are abundance potentials for conflicts in a relationship.
But to then say because it is possible for a car to have an accident every time on the road then we must expect accidents. That one can fall sick at any time doesn’t imply that we should then expect to fall sick or consider sickness as normal.
“Potential for conflict doesn’t have to become real conflicts”

In fact conflict should be so strange to us that when it happens we should address it properly.

So conflicts shouldn’t be the norm in a relationship. It should be strange to the two of you. Both of you should be so wise and matured in the way you relate that it is rare for there to be a fledging conflict in that relationship.

“Any potential for conflict must be terminated before it even sees the light of day. Peace should be our normal expectation.”

Unity should be what is normal, so much that when you lack any peace at any point in time in your relationship then both of you should pursue and grab that peace back into your relationship.
As much as in your power, as much as possible, with all your strength, do all it takes to resolve any potential for conflicts and maintain a deep flourishing peace in your relationship

This is a totally different mindset from what is being generally taught, some people believe in confrontations and disagreements. They believe they have to oppose the other person until they get what they want from the other person. This is gross self-centeredness!
They assume you have to fight for what you want in your relationship or you won’t get it, but this concept of relationship will rob the two of you the joy and fulfilment of relationship. The truth is that the degree to which you manage and resolve potential conflicts in a relationship determines how blissful the relationship is going to be.

“If all your time in a relationship is used to settle conflicts then when do you have the time for joy and the pleasure of unity?”

I didn’t say their won’t be ‘potential conflicts’ but “real conflicts is a choice not a must”, you may disagree with your spouse on a matter, but you must understand that that is not a necessary reason for opposing one another, you must learn to have healthy differences in opinion, since both of you are different and unique at the same time, you must love and respect your individuality, don’t see yourselves as opponents because you are different, see yourselves as complement-helpers. That way when any discussion or situation arises that requires your attention; you will expect your unique perspectives to reflect in the final decision. So both of you can combine your perspectives and get a better result. If you were so perfect as a person you wouldn’t need a partner anyways, so you can’t be always right , any time a situation occurs you are at best 40percent correct, you spouse has a stake in your life, so you both must trust each other to contribute to one another.

I choose to be peaceable, agreeable and loving to my spouse. I expect the best of peace and joy in our relationship in Jesus name

Everything in me that loves strife and conflict, Lord pull them out in Jesus name. Give me the spirit of peace and unity in Jesus name.

Every time you feel the urge to resist, oppose and fight your spouse, calm down and pray for wisdom to discuss the matter peacefully. Praying always even ahead of tie for every situation is a powerful tool for peace

Matt 5:38-48

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10 relationship Quotes that would help your relationship life

Trusting your heart with someone who has not been tested and Delegated by God to you to do so is like giving your ATM card and its pass word to a total stranger. it’s just plainly unwise.

Anyone you bond with emotionally, that won’t abide with you spiritually, will soon slice you physically.

Are you going into that relationship to look for value or to add value, if you have no value to offer, you will end up making the other person to suffer,

if someone more than your spouse gives you more emotional pleasure than what your spouse is giving you, then you are committing emotional fornication or adultery.

the more time you spend together with someone, the more connection with them you will have

Communication, if absent, will kill any connection that exist between you and someone,

The greatest force in the world is the force of unity and the greatest unity in the world is intimacy

if you can marry you, then you won’t need a life partner (that is different from you)

The beauty of unity is in differences, you won’t need unity if you are not different.

Our differences should unite us by complementing us, not separate us.
You don’t compete with each other you complement each other

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“The greatest force in the world is the force of unity and the greatest unity in the world is intimacy”.
Even God couldn’t stop this force until he interfered with their unity. If you want to be at your best in your relationship and destiny, then you must not joke with your intimacy. Spiritually, emotionally and (for married couples) physically

Gen11: 6 And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. NKJV

The beauty of intimacy is two different but whole hearts that comes together under the hospices of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of attaining a common divine vision. These requires an intermingling of two hearts and two lives for the purpose of becoming one in heart, emotion, intent, intellect , vision, value and purpose. They must begin to see alike, they must begin to even feel alike. This bond was explained in genesis when the bible says…….

GEN 2:24 “
For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and cleave (unite or join together) with his wife.

There is beauty in this union, so much that the bible says “how lovely is it for brethren to dwell together in unity”, it’s the most pleasurable event of any relationship and the most fruitful for two souls or two hearts to be bonded together by God in a marital relationship, this bonding begins in courtship and continues in marriage. And the bible says where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst. There is thus power in this bonding. So such that ‘one will chase a thousand, and two will chase ten thousand”
This force of unity is a propeller of destiny; it pulls in the force of favor into man and a woman’s lives. They just experience advancements in their lives. That is why the enemy hates to see this happen; he hates it when people are joined together in heart like that. That is why he is a master of disunity. He started in the garden and he is still doing it today through so many divorces and relationship break ups. That is why you must guard your heart and protect your relationship with all diligence, you must protect your relationship squarely and don’t allow emotional walls between the two of you, if you wall yourselves out, you will prevent the flow of God’s blessings into your lives,
The bible admonish husbands not to quarrel with their wives, so that their prayers will not go unanswered, this issue of emotional bonding is not just for the feeling of it, while it is a sweet experience, it is more that the sweetness of the emotions, it is about the sweetness of the fruit it produces in our lives.
Even biologically It is not possible to reproduce without unity of copulation, this is directly a coming together of two individuals who are opposite in sex, they are not even the same and they form a unity that bonds them together and produce a new life.
Many people permit disunity between them and their life partner because they claim they are different. So why don’t they go and marry themselves, if you can marry you, then you won’t need a life partner, so wake up. The beauty of unity is in differences, you won’t need unity if you are not different. You can be friends with people you are similar to, but mostly, God will bring into your lives people with a different personality from you to be a “help meet” to you.
You will notice you will be strong where she is weak, and she will be strong where he is weak, you don’t complain about these in others, you simply help them out, that’s why you are there in their lives in the first place-to be A HELPER
Your differences are to help each one of you, his strength for her weakness, her strength for his weakness. Our differences should unite us by complementing us, not separate us.

You don’t compete with each other you complement each other
While I say God brings people with different personalities, you both should be developing similar characters values, vision for life an all, we will treat this another time
I receive the grace for unity of intimacy in my relationship in Jesus name

Lord release the power to see the way you see, and think the way you think about my life partner in Jesus name

Become conscious of the spiritual side of your emotional connection. Endeavor to be at peace always with yoru life partner and see God always win your battles for you

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