1. Insecurity may be…real or imagined, it might be a personal issue or an incited issue, but whatever is the cause of this insecurity, one must admit its presence before it can be dealt with.

2. Many unsecured people often fight their spouse in a bid to save their relationship, here by losing what they are trying to save in the first place, so be careful

3. Entering into relationship without acknowledging the possible insecurities and hurts our spouse may be bringing in, will make one ill-equipped to love that person properly.

4. Insecurity is call to action, not a reason for contentions.

5. One of the ways you know mature people in a relationship, is their willingness to admit it when they are wrong and yet not lose their self-esteem in the process

6. For many…The problem is not who you are now, but what you can be in the future. You became who you are, you can become a better person…so stop feeling inadequate

7. Relationship is a growth place

8. “As many as believe he gave them power to become…” Power to ‘become’ the right person in that relationship comes from God, not from you.

9. Many people’s insecurity starts a long time before they entered into relationship,and it manifests within their relationship.

10. Insecurity is worse when we have had a personal history of heartbreak from past relationships that had an unfortunate or tragic ending.


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