10 relationship Quotes that would help your relationship life

Trusting your heart with someone who has not been tested and Delegated by God to you to do so is like giving your ATM card and its pass word to a total stranger. it’s just plainly unwise.

Anyone you bond with emotionally, that won’t abide with you spiritually, will soon slice you physically.

Are you going into that relationship to look for value or to add value, if you have no value to offer, you will end up making the other person to suffer,

if someone more than your spouse gives you more emotional pleasure than what your spouse is giving you, then you are committing emotional fornication or adultery.

the more time you spend together with someone, the more connection with them you will have

Communication, if absent, will kill any connection that exist between you and someone,

The greatest force in the world is the force of unity and the greatest unity in the world is intimacy

if you can marry you, then you won’t need a life partner (that is different from you)

The beauty of unity is in differences, you won’t need unity if you are not different.

Our differences should unite us by complementing us, not separate us.
You don’t compete with each other you complement each other

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