To understand Emotional Connection, we must understand this:

First we are emotional beings
People don’t think facts, they think feelings
People are always reasoning: “How does that make me feel?”

“ If I do that, how would I feel?
“ How does the guy or girl make me feel?”
“ how does what I want to buy make me feel?”
Even reading this devotional involves that emotional component:
How would that Heartstreams devotional make me feel?

Prov 14:10
10 The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy. KJV

Most people follow their feelings instead of following facts or truth. Many people think they do what makes most sense, actually they do what makes them feel good
Most People are not controlled by the word of God; they are controlled by their feelings
That is why even God sent the holy spirit into us to live in us and connect with us like nobody can, most people will at best try to reach you, holy spirit doesn’t just reach you, he lives in you and he is with you. He makes you feel joy unspeakable, peace unexplainable and love undeniable

So we must be very aware of this emotional component in people and the need for people to want to bond or connect at a certain level to have their emotional needs met.
We need it at work place, with fellow mates and customers

There are some people that just want to be heard. All they are complaining about really doesn’t make logical sense, that is until you realize that their complaints are not logic based, they are emotion based.

They want you to feel them; they want you to understand them. They want you to relate with them at that level. Sometimes your best bet is to just listen to them and reassure them that you will look into the matter.

The best of businesses are able to create an environment that connects with people emotionally.

So don’t get into unnecessary arguments with people. Because most time, what they are talking about is really about a deeper issue, not that surface matter you are meddling in.

He is not talking about a car. He is talking about his self esteem
She is not talking about her hair, she is talking about her need to be accepted
She is not talking about food, she is expressing her need to be cared for

It’s always about something deeper

If you are not aware of this, you will always be in conflict with people

Because people will strive with you to have their emotional needs met. Why do you think most men work themselves to death to get that I-pad or that big car and many girls dress to kill, they are negotiating with you for their emotional needs to be met. They are trying to use what they have to get what they want. And when in a direct relationship with you., If you refuse to acknowledge these needs, they will either look for someone else, or they will strive and fight with you until they get it

James 4:1-2
where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members?

Lusts are simply strong emotions that signal a deep unsatisfied need.

So primarily, awareness of people’s need for connection is key. If you have this knowledge you will easily be able to ask and receive, and not ask amiss when it comes to meeting your emotional needs in a relationship. You will also be able to reach out easily to others emotionally.

The problem here is people often ask the wrong people to do the right things for them. if God has not placed that guy or that girl as your emotional connector, then they will be totally ill-equipped to have a healthy connection with you. Trusting your heart with someone who has not been tested and Delegated by God to you to do so is like giving your ATM card and its pass word to a total stranger. it’s just plainly unwise.
The other issue here is most of us have not really learnt how to listen to other people’s heart cry. We are not sensitive to people’s emotions, but being educated by the word of God makes you to become a discerner of thoughts and intents of men, it makes you “discern the deep thoughts and emotions in people”. Once you acquire this spiritual character of emotional discernment, your wisdom for relationship success increases since you now understands people and how to respond to their inner needs through the help of the holyspirit.

Lord, I am controlled by the word of God and not just my feelings in Jesus name.
Lord, give me wisdom to be sensitive to people’s emotions and be able to respond to them with the sensitivity of the word of God in Jesus name.
Identify people’s emotions and connect ith with their emotional needs and ask God for wisdom to respond to the by the word of God.
James 4:1-10

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Yours In Love
Ayo Garuba (pst)

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