Anything that seeks to provoke you to anger wants to take you out of God’s presence. Anything that gives you a good reason to be angry, is giving you a good ground to be punished by the devil, so take caution.

Anger will delay God’s mission for your life, if it doesn’t terminate it altogether, so be careful (ask Moses)

Anger is both a malfunction and an infection. it must be treated as such.

IF God has not given us the spirit of fear, then he hasn’t given us the spirit of anger either

Anger is a sin, it needs forgiveness. It is a stronghold, it needs pulling down, it is a sickness, it needs healing. It is a spirit that must be cast out. It is a weakness, you need grace for it.

If you both are not changing, then you do not have a relationship. The truth is change is constant in life. You are either changing for worse or changing for better. The problem thus is not change, the problem is unplanned change.

Men…take note of this: if you are improving in your career and your wife is not growing, she may soon become obsolete in your life,

Once you are connecting with the wrong person, your connection with the right person weakens

Whosoever you are not connected to cannot be affected by you… Connection thus is the key to influence

Where your heart is, your body will go eventually… as soon as you break the law of emotional connection, you are bound to break the law of physical barrier and bond physically. Physical fornication always follow emotional fornication…go and learn what that means.

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