We didn’t have a relationship, how come I am feeling a heartbreak ?

I am in a relationship, but am having feelings for someone else?

Pastor, I don’t know how to break away from her, it’s like am tied to her

To understand relationship we must understand emotional connection between people.

Matt 6:21
21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. NKJV

In every relationship this connection happens all the time. In fact as you are reading this words there is a level of emotional connection that we are having, so you do not have a choice If it will happen, you only have a choice when it would happen, how it will happen, with whom it will happen.

Emotional connection is the reason people would end up having a heart break where there was no official relationship involved. They were connected without consciously agreeing to it.

Emotional connection is what would make someone starts cheating on another person because the person stops connecting with his spouse and started connecting with someone else he or she never planned for (or planned for).

Once you are connecting with the wrong person, your connection with the right person weakens

Emotional connection is what makes a person gives her body to a man she is not committed to.
“We are not in a relationship” he or she says, but they just realize their bodies are connecting without control.

It is emotional connection that makes someone gives her body to someone and yet have feelings for someone else

What a lady does not realize is, once she gives her heart to a man, her body will eventually follow. Either you are “tongue speaking” or “fire branded” is irrelevant here, as soon as you break the law of emotional connection, you are bound to break the law of physical barrier and bond physically. Physical fornication always follow emotional fornication…go and learn what that means.

Where your heart is, your body will go eventually

That is why God reserves certain kind of emotional connection with only one person. The person you are permitted to share your body and soul with all your life. The reason I also tell people, don’t spend eternity in so called “courtship”, courtship is a passage to the room of marriage, not the room itself.

If you are truly emotionally connecting in that courtship, it’s just a matter time, your body will develop magnetic attraction towards each other, so be cautious.

It becomes increasing difficult to restrict people from your body whom you have given access to your heart.

Many ladies do not realize this fact so they fall into indiscretional sexual affairs.

That is possible because you may not be committed to someone, but once you are deeply emotionally connected to the person, you will eventually compromise to that person.

Emotional connection is how we transfer needed emotional nutrients from one person to another. You get emotionally nurtured through emotional connection and you also nurture others through emotional connection.

Whosoever you are not connected to cannot be affected by you. And once you are not connected with someone, you cannot affect the person. Connection thus is the key to influence both even in life, business and relationship

A leader needs connection to lead, he is able to reach within his followers that are looking up to him and add values, character qualities that will turn them into success.

A father needs connection to father properly, a mother needs connection to care for her family, husband and wife needs connection to grow together.

The best way to protect your spouse emotionally is to maintain a strong emotional connection with them. That way you can nurture them spiritually and intellectually. You will be able to add values to their lives.

It’s in connection that we are healed emotionally, those who are not in an healthy connection will be emotionally sick.

My heart has healthy emotional connections in Jesus name and my heart is secure in my connection with God .
Lord, severe me from every wrong emotional connections I have made in the past or present in, connect me emotionally with the right person in Jesus name
Stop any illicit sexual affairs or wrong emotional communication and pray for divine disconnection from the wrong people.
I john 3:1-3
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Yours In Love
Ayo Garuba (pst)

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