If anger is your natural way of expressing yourself in a relationship then you are a wrong candidate for relationship

An emotion you refuse to deal with will definitely deal with you.

Maturity is the capacity to take personal responsibility for your thoughts, words and emotions. It is knowing fully well that you are responsible for your responses to people and no one can be blamed for how you behave

We are often in the habit of taking people we supposedly love for granted while we pretend to care for those who don’t know us well enough to give a hoot about us. Your loved one’s deserve your best behaviours, please give it to them.

. Anyone in a relationship with an angry person is in a relationship with trouble.

The greatest subtlety that makes anger thrive is the delusion that it can be excused. The mentality that “I should get angry and it’s my right to get angry”. Once you have this excuse, anger will fester in your life like a virus and will damage vital things in your life.

What we lose from anger is often more than what we gain from it

Relationship should be a healing place not a battle place where we hurt one another.

Behind every negative emotion is an underlying negative fuels that powers them, your ability to eliminate the fuel determines if the fire will stay or not.

Anger blocks flow of creative ideas needed to solve problems, it blinds you to the most obvious solutions and keeps you in the dark. So it is wise to hold your peace and ask for God’s help to resolve the situation in question…

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