HEARTSTREAMS daily devotionals (singles and married)




PROV 19:14-15

Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.



Adam must have thought he had everything he needed , as a matter of fact, until this day he felt totally complete, no voids, no feelings of loneliness, no craving for someone, he just seem perfect, perfect…until the aching began, something has changed inside him, he could feel it, he had slept one night and woke up the next morning feeling almost lifeless, like a surgery had been done on him, together with the sense of overwhelming weariness came an ache he has never known before, almost like a rib was missing beside him, he knew he needed something or is it someone, but he can’t really place his hands on it, he had had some good times in the garden, times spent with his great father enjoying his glorious works in the garden, he enjoyed worshipping him, times with the creatures that kept him company, times to enjoy the sights and fruits of the delightful garden. The other day he finished the herculean task of naming all the animals in the garden, he had wanted to throw a party, he had wanted to celebrate, but noticed there was no one to celebrate with, there was especially no one like him. He speaks to his father about everything from how his day went to his next day’s project, but there were things he couldn’t just tell him, he would need maybe…Someone else to confide in.

He noticed how all the animals in the garden were all in twos but couldn’t really explained why he was, well…Alone. But today is different, He felt something had happened to him and whatever it is, he must talk to his God-father about it. Then he heard the voice of his father walking in the garden in the cool of the day as usual. This time, he has a lot on his mind to discuss with him; he approached his father but stopped on his track when he saw the most spectacular sight of his life there beside him. She was angelic and godlike at the same time, something inside Adam was moved so deeply, emotions flooded him, his heart races within his rib cage in passionate anticipation. Feeling he had never felt before surged within him. Something tells him his life will never remain the same again. God himself was a divine spectacular sight to behold, but seeing this beautifully creature and human spectacle, he was wowed, she looks exactly like him and in a way more…well, more everything than him. He just couldn’t take his eyes off her, then it came to him, “woo…man, she is like me, she is a another form of me, a ‘wombed’ me”. He knew things about her that he normally shouldn’t.

God, the father, was observing Adam as he admired the woman he carved out from his side, he delighted in his delight, he had taken his time over night, put him into a very deep sleep and made a beautiful delightful female creature out of the rib from his side. From his side…because God knew the woman will be closest to his heart (after him) , just like the rib is close to his natural heart, he knew also that he would cherish her keeping her in the embrace of his arm just like the rib is almost always cherished by the arm, she was taken from his bone, making her a bone of his bone, she will connect deep with him and be one with him, he knew she will meet a deep need for intimacy in him, both will be a delight to each other. Father God knew he has created a master piece when he made the woman, but he also know they were going to be at their best only when united with each other, fulfilling the purpose for which he created them-to have dominion. They were going to be made one person out of two individuals, two becoming one. That moment was reverting for the three of them. That is the way the father wanted it, the relationship will not just be about the two of them, he must be involved. he knew that a good father doesn’t’ just give house and riches to his son, a good father would find a good wife to his son, he was going to show us through how Abraham found wife for his son Isaac, that ‘a good wife is from the Lord”, it wasn’t a mistake that God himself brought Eve to Adam, it wasn’t Adam’s job to search for a wife, it was his job to receive a wife from his father. That moment in time was life changing both for Adam and eve.


If marriage must be a sweet journey for every one of us then making the right choice cannot be taken with levity. from the first man that was introduced to the marriage institution by God to our time, God has made each one of us with a desire to bond with someone of the opposite sex, we desire intimacy and we want to be loved and accepted by this one person, but how do we make the righ choice, can we just choose by ourselves or there is a very thorough involvement of God in our marital choices, what wisdom can we glean form the word of God that will help us to prevent the trap many fall into in venturing into the wrong partnership. we start a series today “CHOOSING YOUR LIFE PARTNER”, after this series your journey to making the right choice becomes paved with ease. God bless you.


My life fulfills purpose, my life is giving glory to God, my marital destiny enjoys favour upon it in Jesus name. I will not miss my path, I will get it right in Jesus name.


I receive wisdom to make the right choices in every area of my life, in my business, in my career, in my relationships, and in my life in general. I am equipped by the spirit of God for right choices in Jesus name.


Study the word of God for yourself and find out what God is saying about how to choose your life partner.


Gen 2; 18-25


Yours in LOVE



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