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Ps 37:4-6

4 Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. 5 Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass. NKJV

One of the greatest hindrances to knowing what God is saying about our relationship life is our emotions. Emotions are so powerful that they can mislead us to believe “maybe its God speaking to us”, the problem here is that although God can speak to us through our emotions, most of us have not trained our emotions to respond ‘only’ to what God is saying. Many of us have unrefined and ‘confused’ emotions.

for example if you are given to Anger easily, you cannot trust that that is God speaking to you, if you are easily provoked into Envy then you should know that that is not from the spirit of God, that is from your flesh. If Lust courses through your emotions easily, you know your heart is not refined enough, so you can then imagine when you begin to feel some certain emotions towards someone. It will be totally unsafe to then conclude it must be God or that “if I feel it then it must be right”. so many has been misled this way.

The bible says to “delight yourself in the lord, then he will give you the desires of your heart” Psm 37:4, meaning until your heart is totally refined and synchronized with God’s emotions (through delighting in him), you cannot trust that your heart. This is because, every emotion is an offshoot of hidden thoughts and beliefs from the past, emotions are a present response to thoughts we have allowed in the past.

Although there some people whose feelings are reliable for God’s leading because of their spiritual training and maturity, for example, I don’t easily feel anger but if you come close to me and I feel a sudden anger surge within me, I will automatically know that something is wrong with you somewhere. Most often I do not know the reason why I have such spontaneous anger, but I will keep searching and investigating my spirit until my natural mind can tell what God is trying to tell me. Such anger cannot get me out of control, it originates from my spirit, and once it serves its purpose, it automatically subsides. I have learnt it is a way of God communicating how he feels about someone or something to me.

I didn’t always know this, it use to bother me in the past when I feel a sudden emotion, I would think it is a mood swing, which I don’t usually have, but after I began seeing the spiritual pattern I mastered this method of hearing God speak through my emotions.

There is a certain phenomenon that has gotten many into the wrong relationship, some people think any time they feel ‘Love’ for someone they should be in a relationship with that person. It use to confuse me too until I learnt otherwise. There are times when I just feel a certain Sudden Love for someone of the female gender. in the past, it use to bother me but I learnt something one day that sudden surge of love is not an automatic call into a romantic relationship with someone, it may be God calling me to use my spiritual gift to be a blessing to that person’, so there was day I was walking with someone and I saw a lady whom I felt a ‘sudden love’ for, so with that understanding I took an excuse from the person I was walking with and I went straight to her and I opened my mouth to give a word of knowledge, told her what God is saying to her, something I never premeditated, she was surprised, the guy walking with the lady thanked me and said he was just telling her the same thing before I confirmed it for them. I never saw that lady again. Some people would have gone to collect her number and be disturbing the young lady for a relationship.

That is God leading me through my heart. It would have been foolish of me to think that she is supposed to be my wife or something because I felt a “Love” for her. Many people perish for lack of knowledge”. some people have turned their vision partners to their life partners this way, while some people turn to ‘a help meet’ someone they are suppose to simply help and let her go her way. Not every emotion indicates a direction to marriage, so understand it.

I also experienced the positive side of this when I wanted to choose my wife, I would just have the feeling of ‘my wife being around’ whenever this lady comes close to me then s a single. I will look at her and wonder why I always get this feeling when I see her. I had known her for a couple of years and I never felt this way during those times but there was a time it just started and the more I pray it away, the more intense it becomes, so I decided I wasn’t going to be seeing her again although that didn’t help. It took over a year of testing and proving this feeling, yet I didn’t want to trust it because I felt maybe it was just my emotions. Then other forms of divine leadings came into play, it was obvious this is not just my emotions, God is actually saying something, I began seeing visions (not dreams), that confirms my suspicion. I got specific insights into who the person is without any one telling me , in fact after a while a prophet walked up to me and told me, ‘God has been talking to you about your wife but you are ignoring her’, I told him I have been feeling it but I wasn’t sure’, I will give you details about this later, but the point here is ‘our emotions if refined can really help us to know what God is saying’, but am afraid so many of us have not refined our hearts to that degree.

You will know you cannot trust your own emotions if you are have feelings for more than one person at a time. That can’t be God speaking to you; it’s your carnal emotions. You will know it is not God if you just got out of a relationship which you were sure it was God and now you are feeling for someone just a couple of weeks down the lane. That is not God leading, that is a rebound. You know you cannot trust your emotions if jealousy and bitterness keeps surging within your heart, until you keep your heart pure, you can’t trust those emotions.

Even when you feel things by the spirit you still have to prove them over and over again through other methods of divine guidance, you must test the feeling until you are over certain what God is saying and what God is not saying.



My heart is refined and purified in Jesus name. my emotions are godly and my thoughts are right in Jesus name


Lord, purge my heart of every wrong emotion. Guide my heart into all truth in all circumstances in Jesus name


Watch every emotion that you feel from now on, disallow the wrong once and purify your heart by thinking on the word of God and worship in his presence


Psm 37:1-40

Yours in LOVE


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  1. These are wonderful messages sir. Pls i wld really appreciate it if i can receive newsletters and probably audio copies of these messages. Though right now im in a state of emotional instability because of some of these issues.

    God bless you Sir.

    1. Hi Precious, thank. God for the impact the devotional is making between in your life, we will work on having the news letter and audio version. I pray God will help you thru the emotional issues and he will give u a testimony.remain blessed

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