HEARTSTREAMS daily devotionals (Singles and Married)



Job 22:21

“Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace; Thereby good will come to you. 22 Receive, please, instruction from His mouth, And lay up His words in your heart. NKJV

Intimacy is one of the most rewarding experiences of any relationship and it is where two souls are becoming one. the very fact that two people with two different life and experiences are coming together means that there is a lot that separates them previously, but it is in the process of intimacy, this wall of partition is removed and they as it were mingle until they become a single entity, that is why whosoever you don’t want to be single with, please do not mingle with the person. As long as we share ourselves with someone, we cannot prevent bonding with them, but if bonding is our goal, then sharing is not an option. The more intimate you get with someone, the lesser your fear of being known by that person. In the garden of den, the bible says they were naked and not shamed. So, intimacy is that point where you get naked in your soul with someone without any fear or shame with it. now if you notice getting naked is not always beautiful, since you may have to expose your scars and spots to the other person, there is a fear of intimacy that has pervaded our generation, it is easier for most people t jump into bed and get naked with their body and they will never get naked in their soul , they prefer the less risky physical intimacy, but dread any baring of their soul ‘what if he hurts me, what if she stabs me, what if he rejects me, what if he finds out, what if she despises me if she really knows me’, yet the deepest experience any one can really have in life is fearless intimacy, now there is a progression in intimacy and to suddenly jump from being a stranger to telling a person all about your life is either foolishness or manipulation and it often leads to false intimacy , the nature of true intimacy is that it is progressive and it takes time. As a Christian, intimacy should occur only after the commitment and agreement to be one together for life. Then a progressive knowledge of one another ensues. Types of intimacy exist: spiritual intimacy, emotional intimacy and physical intimacy, where the last is most acceptably expressed in marital union, but the foundation is spiritual intimacy and everyone can thrive on this.

During this period of fasting and prayer I need us to attain to spiritual intimacy with the father, I want us to bare our soul and be openly naked with him. I want to guide us to maximize our experience with the lover of our soul. Time with God doesn’t have to be dreaded, it can be exciting. We must build that heart to heart relationship with him and be connected to him in a deep way. How do on connect with him who you cannot see? Well, the nature of intimacy doesn’t necessarily require physical presence, it just requires internal experience of that person, and thankfully “he lives in us’, he resides within me and you, but we must asquint ourselves unto him”, we must seek him and find him with all our hearts,

the aim of fasting is this, to seek him and get clear direction for the year ahead, to place the whole year before him and allow him to equip us with the strength to navigate the path of life this year, to make every crooked path straight, to arrange circumstances ahead of time for our favour and to fulfill the purposes of God for us, and to remove every spiritual oppositions in terms of powers of darkness and their works. it takes spiritual confrontation to enjoy your divine position, but I need you to do it from a place of relationship. ”submit yourself to God and resist the devil’, first be intimate with him and then you can elevate through him”

like I explained yesterday , I need us to follow the SECRET PLACE FORMAT in our time with God during this fasting period, it is a very intimate experience and rewarding also. The content of the secret place is the content of your basic devotional time but more organized this time. You can do it using this sequence I suggest below or occasionally holy spirit might require you to do one first before the other, the aim is to allow the spirit of God to flow through your o love him


The experience of worship was described yesterday but I need to make us know something here .we were created for worship and we fulfill purpose directly whenever we worship God. Worship opens you up directly to the grace of God and it makes you secret place a joy filled experience. It fills you with joy and the love of God get shed abroad in your heart, you select worship songs that you can connect easily to and engage them for an intense emotional time with God. Sometimes you may not feel as intense, that is not to worry since the just shall live by his faith and not feelings. so crucial is your worship experience that If your heart is heavy and you find it hard to worship, then pray about that issue bothering your heart first and when you have a settlement it in your heart, then resume worship, most likely during your worship, divine spontaneous thoughts will come to your mind, that is God speaking to you, they will be answers to questions or revelations of things to Come, note them down


There are two parts to prayer, the part where you talk to God, and the part where he talks to you, if you have done the first part well, then prayer has already begun. . whenever you want to pray, you may need to organize yourself before praying, have a written list of the desires of your heart with scriptures to back them up, a couple of things to pray about are these:, pray for direction, pray to make requests of God, pray to change things ,pray to overcome oppositions, pray for revelations.

Sometimes it is okay to tell God how you feel, tell him your fears but make sure you wait for him to take them away. Tell him your hopes; make sure he turns them to faith assurance,

Also, ensure you have written confessions. Confessions are positive affirmations of who you are, what you want and desire, but written in present tense. for example

“I am a success, I excel at whatever I lay my hands upon, God is with me and nothing can defeat me”

it stirs our faith, everything you have prayed for, turn them into confession and claim them every time until it materializes, after you have done this, then you can go back to thanks giving and praise .note that God can inspire thoughts at any times, so let your note and pad be by your side, he can give you scripture or remind you of some certain things, attend to them since this is a dynamic process.

Then later process to the next level

STUDY TIME; your secret place is never complete until you have known the mind of this your Lover. This is the time where you get to complete your praying process by you listening and meditating on his word. You may proceed from whatever God inspires in your heart, have a study plan, or have a devotional that you connect with. It pays to have some certain questions that you are looking for answers for or some certain topics that you desire to have a deeper understanding of. Your study tools includes: A pen and pad, a bible, a study bible, concordance, and /or with a Christian book. Depending on the issue at hand, you must plan your study time ahead so that you would have acquired all the materials you need for you study. Once you get a word from, add it to your prayer and confession. Lay it to heart for the word to be your meditation, go through the day with it and you will be strengthened.











1. Lord, let your glory be seen in my work this year in Jesus name, I will manifest your glory in everything that I lay my hands upon in Jesus name. . PSM 90:16

2. O LORD, I experience your favour in ever thing I do this year in the name of Jesus, let your glory produce favour in my life in Jesus name. PSM 89:17

3Lord, Guide me by your counsel this year, and let your counsel lead me into glory in every area of my life in Jesus name, PSM 73:24

4. Let our glory be like a consuming fire and let it consumer every power that wants to prevent my glory this year in Jesus name. EXO 24:17

5. O Lord, grant me access to deeper revelations of you, that will ensure my glory thIs year and beyond in Jesus name PROV 25:2


I arise and shine, for my light has come, and the glory of the lord is raised upon me, I am the light of the world. I am the salt of the earth. I am a city set upon the hill, I cannot be hidden. I am a child of God. I have a great destiny. I am a kingdom celebrity. I am a shining star. He has made me a king and a priest in his kingdom. I am a royal priest hood. I am a holy nation. I am a peculiar person. I am a reigning champion. I am more than a conqueror through Christ that gives me victory. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world. Nothing can separate me from the love of Christ. He is the vine, I am the branch. I’m a tree planted in the courts of our God. I flourish in the courts of our God. I am fruitful in Christ, I am productive, I am creative, I am reproductive. I am like a tree planted by the rivers of living waters, I bring forth my fruit in my season, My leaves shall never wither, What so ever I lay my hand upon prospers. I live in good health and I prosper even as my soul prospers. My body is the temple of Christ, I am a minister of reconciliation. I am God’s co –worker. I am seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. I am above principalities and powers. I am God’s workmanship. I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me


My mind is renewed; my soul is in love with Christ. My desires are only godly, pure and sanctified. My emotions are controlled. I pull down every strong hold of the evil one from my mind, I cast down every wrong imagination, I bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ in my life. My intentions are lovely. My memory is that of righteousness, I remember only the goodness of God in my life. I am forgiven and I live in forgiveness, I do not have regrets but I am repentant. My future is bright; my imaginations are that of goodness. I take control of my thoughts and desires. I master my mind and my feelings. I am decisive. I make a righteous decision all the time. I speak positively, I speak productively and I speak pleasantly.

I take responsibility for guarding my heart, with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues of life. I protect my eyes and my ears from pollution of the world. I discern between good and evil. I live in obedience to the word of God. I do not conform to the pattern of this world, but I am transformed by the renewing of my mind. I know the will of God. I am led by the spirit all the time. I discern between what is good, pleasing and perfect will of God for my life. My Conduct is pleasing to God. I am spiritually discerning, I am controlled by the word and his spirit. My actions are motivated by the Holy Spirit. My heart is sensitive and meek. I overflow with the love of God in my heart. I am full of joy all the time; my heart is guarded with peace. My heart is prosperous.

My relationships are godly; my friendships are pleasing to God. I Influence my world with the gospel, I impact my world where ever I get to , I am an ‘influencer’ of Grace but I refuse to be negatively influenced by the world. I am an over comer, and I overcome the world. Nothing separates my from the love of Christ, I am more than a conqueror through Christ that gives me victory In Jesus name.


I operate in divine Favour this year, great and effectual doors are opened unto me. I go form glory too glory and form honor to honor, I operate in financial abundance, I am empowered to get wealth, I am taught by God how to get wealth. I walk in the path of righteousness for his name sake. I fear no evil for thou hath with me. I have divine health. I live in peace; everything I touch this year prospers. Men and women favour me everywhere I turn, my business and career is successful. I lengthen my cord, to the right and to the left. I increase this year and I advance in my work.

I am a diligent student of the word and I increase in the knowledge of God. My eyes of understanding opened and I comprehend with all the saints’ what is the length the depth and the breadth of your knowledge. My eyes are illuminated, my ears are opened. I hear God clearly. I live in peace, I am bold and courageous. I live a victorious life this year. I am seated high above principalities and powers, above every wickedness. I operate under the blessings of God. Nothing shall hurt me. I have divine wisdom; I am ten times better than my mates. I operate the mind of Christ in everything that I do. I manifest the spirit of God in all I do. I live out the life of God. I do not compromise. I stand for righteousness. This year is a great year for me, in Jesus name.


This ministry is like a city set upon the hill, it cannot be hidden. We are located on the mountain top, all nations flow into us. We are for the restoration and healing of the nations. People find their place amongst us. They are transformed and changed when they encounter us. The word of God mightily grows and it prevails amongst us. People’ relationships are restored and their souls are healed when they encounter the word of God in this ministry in Jesus name. The word of GOD changes every soul that comes in contact with us. God is building this ministry and the gate of hell shall never prevail over us. We overcome the evil one in this church by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimony. Every of our meetings will be a meeting of signs and wonders, it will be an encounter with destiny for very one that attends. The ministers increase in anointing and they increase in the wisdom of God In Jesus name


This nation is safe and secure. There is peace within our walls and prosperity within our palaces and governmental sectors. God protects every of the citizens and the leaders in charge of the nation. Only your will will be done in this nation, no weapon fashioned against us shall proper. Every tongue that rises against this nation is silenced. We know no scarcity, we know no lack. We are givers but not borrowers in this nation. We are peace makers not war fighters. We are God’s own country in the name of Jesus.


Yours in LOVE


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