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Luke 1:26-27

Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David. The virgin’s name was Mary


“There was a plan they had in mind for your marriage, how dare you go into one before you even knew the plan…”An Angel’s Conversation

she wasn’t sure what to think anymore, excitement and trepidation fills up her soul at same time, what should she expect in the next series of weeks and months, but whatever it is she has decided she will face it with courage, the visitation she had totally caught her unawares, such greeting from such a person, she still felt shaken by the experience, but purpose was prevailing and she loved it that way


On his way back Angel Gabriel conversed with the other Angel Felixa, their visitation to the earth these days had been more frequent, master obviously has plans they must execute

“She is really is precious as the Lord said she is, such a pure heart” Gabriel noted, Felixa contemplates “but Gabriel, how was she chosen, why her, why not others’

Gabriel looked at him, almost smiling the answer back to him. “Predestination!” he said, Felixa looked at him


“Yes .before she was formed in the womb Yahweh knew her and she has been carved and purposed for this end, she is just beginning to know It, but it wasn’t a secret to all of us who serves the father directly on the throne”

. “Uhmmmm, really?”

Felixa seems impressed

“yes , even the person she will get married to was arranged for her, only the man Joseph can actually be the appropriate husband for her and be the earthly father of our Lord , she has been designed to be his mother ,she will nourish him with all our Lord needs to be the savior of the world.

Felixa saw the far reaching consequence of Gabriel’s statement, “two people’s relationship having an eternal consequence just like the relationship of Adam and Eve did.

“but are men aware of the plan of Yahweh for their activities like this, especially marriage?”

Gabriel heaves a sigh “as a messenger angel, the most difficult message have had to deliver to sons of men is about marriage, most often than not, they do not receive it with gladness, other times, they are totally oblivious to it”“

“Why is that so?”

“ first I believe most of them think they are here for themselves, unlike we angels who if we falter we will be banished immediately, men has grace , but their ignorance of God’s heavenly plan for earthly marriages is massive, even now some will never believe it”

Gabriel noted for Felixa the different marriages that operated on earth without any knowledge of eternal consequence. he mentioned how heaven weeps for some tragedies on earth linked directed to wrong choices in marriage, if only they knew, if only they are aware that each marriage is designed by God not for men’s selfish ambitions of just personal desires, that it is beyond them, God has a greater plan for their marriages, if only they knew, they would have been better

what if she refuses to marry Joseph, Felixa asked him “well, she would have missed out being the mother of the messiah” Gabriel quickly pointed out,


”yes, we often guide men to whom they will marry , since heaven has a plan for every of their marriages but you know them, the fall has complicate things, they all choose whomsoever and how so ever, that is why so much chaos exist in their marriages “whaoh! But why can’t someone tell them about it” Lamented Felixa

“We are trying our best , but they have a choice to make, God will not force his will on any man”

“This is interesting”

“Let’s move on time, heaven awaits our arrival” Gabriel said

They looked towards the heavens and launched into the realms, fading into the light beyond,… AN ANGEL’S CONVERSTAION

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are privy to this kind of conversation that God actually has a plan for your relationship, how would you do relationship next time. Many people suffer in relationship because they are totally ignorant of the fact that their marriage is not just a personal Endeavour, it is an eternal plan of God. every single person is purposed by God, there is where you must live, their where you should work, there is what you should be doing, there who you should marry, there is even when to marry and all of this things are to satisfy the purpose of God for your life, it is therefore obvious that very few relationships are in accordance to God’s plan and very few really satisfy God in this respect

yet the foundation for a successful relationship is build on this premise, that is to first to first realize that your marriage isn’t just for you and your personal fulfillment, it is for God’s grand purpose in your life.



Lord I surrender my relationship life to you in the name of Jesus.


Lord help me to know your will and to do your will concerning the relationship you have chosen for me in jesus name


Get books on how to choose life partner and how to hear the voice of the spirit, it will help you a lot


Luke 1and 2


Yours in Love

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  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooow,dis is awesome.Really God has 2 help me make d right choice.’Cos a lot of things are @ stake if a wrong choice is made.

  2. How true this is. Most of us want to have things our own way not even thinkin of God’s purpose or the assignment that He has for us. Many of us do but are not patient enough to wait. I pray that God strengthens us in our weaknesses and gives us the patience to wait for and follow His divine timing and purpose in our lives In Jesus name.

  3. How true this is. Most of us want to have things our own way not even thinkin of God’s purpose or the assignment that He has for us. Many of us do but are not patient enough to wait. I pray that God strengthens us in our weaknesses and gives us the patience to wait for and follow His divine timing and purpose in our lives In Jesus name. This singular thing is the key to a succesful relationship.

  4. This lines touched me……”two people’s rltnshp has ‘eternal consequences’ like Adam nd Eve’s rlthshp did”…..very true. We’r actually reapin d consequence of dia rltnshp… I guess we shd always av it at our mind dat it not abt d now, it abt the forever.

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