HEARTSTREAMS daily devotionals (Singles and Married)


Rom 8:1-2

There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, NKJV

Broken and battered, it’s obvious she may soon be scattered. Beaten and despised, she may end up with her heart totally sliced. How she found herself in this ordeal she couldn’t even tell, the only thing she knows is that she had turn the terrible situations of her past into her life’s present profession, she had lived a life of destitution which had gotten her into this complication. while positioned in a defiling and compromising position in her brothel office where she uses for her prostitution, but in just a brief moment, she is now positioned for an execution where she may soon lose her life to the angry mobs of stone thrower who looks at her in disdain and derision, the only possible salvation will be from a judge there, someone whose verdict will either terminate her life or begin it afresh, and when he will open his mouth to speak, her past will either have caught up with her or she will experience a freedom. Regret knew she deserves every of the shame and torment she had gone through, the mob stood, with stones of condemnation in their hands, their eyes of guilt Pierced her soul, her scanty garment of shame drags in the mud of present repercussions, but she anticipates he judges verdict . In a moment that seem to last like forever, the judge having heard the accusations of her condemners, mercy stooped to write on the ground, oblivious of his environment, stones of condemnation dropped as guilt walked out of the situation, justification asked a question, guilt had no answer, so Love lifts his head up to speak:

“Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?”

She said, “No one, Lord.”

And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

Case dismissed!

Never ever relinquish your future glory because you had a past ugly story. Never ever get locked up in the mistake of your past, it will only worsen your stake in the future. God is doing new things all around you, but you must let go of the old relics from your past indiscretions. Let it go, forgive yourself and receive healing from God’s love

Am very aware of many of us singles and married who have made serious mistakes in emotional issues and mistakes of the past, Some of us have had to live with the consequences of our past errors, some repercussions are more than others, but all the same, there seem to be regrets and shame concerning the incidences of our past. Reading devotionals like this can even open up wounds where we see the wrong steps and decision we have taken in the past and we totally begin to avoid the truth or ache every time we experience the truth, this is written to make us understand, God has not condemned you, instead he has redeemed you. God is not here to inflict you more, he is here to totally heal you from your past, rise up , take up your bed and smile again.

It may be the shame and embarrassment we face in a wrong relationships, or the hurt of rejection. it may be that we have been abused or refused, may be you have lost your own dignity to undeserving individuals, you may feel you cannot regain what you have lost back and so hurt , anger and resentment rise up in you every time the thoughts of your past floods your mind. The most disturbing aspect of his whole thing is the shame of guilt we face every time, but the bible says “there is therefore now no condemnation for you”.

God is not oblivious of what you have been through, he is not at all surprised at your past mistakes, while he would have preferred you didn’t have to go through them , he never rejects you because you messed up, he is your father, to err is human and to love is divine. Please cast of the cloud of guilt and shame that you have over your heart and know that God has justified you so you can glorify him again. No matter how your past has been, he has washed you clean in the precious blood that he shed on Calvary. No sin is more powerful that the love loaded blood of Jesus. The favorite key of God on your life’s computer system is the delete button, he takes away every of your errors and he also uses the restore button a lot to restore you to your original image, what you need to do is to hibernate in the heart of your lover.


There is therefore now no condemnation for me because am in Christ Jesus.



Lord I receive total forgiveness for my past mistakes and I forgive myself in Jesus name. I cast out every guilt and shame of my past in Jesus name and I receive boldness and confidence in Christ Jesus.


Walk out of your past and refuse to dwell on it again


John 8:1-12




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6 thoughts on “HUNTED BY SHADOWS

  1. Today’s devotional (hunted by shadows) is beautiful! It established the foundational understanding God’s love has redeemed us, so we don’t have to live our present day and future in the shadows of the past! His forgiveness and love never cease. So touching. God bless you sir and God doubles up your anointing in Jesus Name.

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