HEARTSTREAMS devotionals (Singles and Married)


MATH 7:6

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine…

Most people who claims to fall in Love at first sight actually fell into trouble without such an insight

The fifth Treasure we are exploring i. EMOTIONAL MATURITY

How safe will you be in a house without fences and which doors are always open to anyone that wants to come in? Not very safe I guess! That’s exactly how it is when a person’s heart is always open for relationship with anyone.

The mere fact that you are going to get married to only one person in your life time means that the remaining set of people you will meet will be wrong for you, so you must learn to guard your heart against reckless emotional ties and bonding with every so called “potential” mate that comes your way.

Don’t be a PLC ; Public Liability Commodity. Don’t cast your treasures out in the street for anyone to have access to, you are a divine treasure, designed and packaged specially for one person, stop behaving like a public property.

Emotional maturity means you have learnt to discipline your feelings and to control it. It means you are the one managing your emotions and not your emotions managing you

Watch it, so many singles are emotionally immature! Emotional immaturity always get easily carried away when shown little affection. Emotional immaturity is the one who depends on others to feel Loved, complete and accepted. Emotional immaturity is always lonely and that is the major reason it is looking for a relationship. Emotional immaturity is the type that falls in Love instead of walking into Love, later, it then falls into trouble without knowing it.

Am usually amazed at the amount of trouble we singles fall into because of our “feelings”, yet we cannot run relationship by feeling and not pay a dare price for our foolishness, feelings are fickle, fast and fades away easily, feelings are non-factual, but instead are based on fictions and fantasies, feelings produces fake fruits that tastes bitter at the end, if you run relationship on feelings, you will fall flat into fatal flaws so be careful, instead, operate a principle based Love, and make your decisions by spiritually sound judgement, no matter how it feels, seek wise counsel from wisdom source, Eventually, the hall mark of maturity is ability to wait out feelings until all the facts are obvious before making any crucial decisions about your marital choices, stay blessed.


My heart is guarded and secured in christ. My soul is protected against wrong feelings and desires.


Lord train my heart to be disciplined, Release in me the grace to be emotionally sound in Jesus name.


Cut off every wrong emotional ties by stopping every form of communication with such people. What you feed flourish, while whatever you starve dies.so starve that unhealthy bond.


PROVERBS 5: 1-23

Your’s in LOVE


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  1. I’ve been touched, cos my mind has been exposed more on how to maintain a steady relationship. Thank you pastor garuba ayo. May the lord continue to use you more, increase in knowledge and the ability to descend more. Bless you sir!

  2. Hmmm…Emotional Maturity; a must for anyone who cares for a godly and fruitful relationship. We will get it right in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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